while la gi

Ý nghĩa của while vô giờ Anh

while conjunction (DURING)

A2 (also formal whilst, uk/waɪlst/ us/waɪlst/)

during the time that, or at the same time as:

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While I was in Italy I went vĩ đại see Alessandro.

"I'm going vĩ đại the post office." "While you're there can you get bu some stamps?"

SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

while conjunction (ALTHOUGH)

SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

while conjunction (BUT)

SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

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 a while

quite a while You were there quite a while (= a long time), weren't you?

a while ago "When did that happen?" "Oh, it was a while ago (= a long time ago).

for a while I haven't seen him for a while (= for a long time).

in a while I'll be fine in a while (= soon).

It will take a little while vĩ đại settle in.

SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

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(Định nghĩa của while kể từ Từ điển & Từ đồng nghĩa tương quan Cambridge dành riêng cho Người học tập Nâng cao © Cambridge University Press)

while | Từ điển Anh Mỹ

while noun [U] (LENGTH OF TIME)

while conjunction (DURING)

during the time that, or at the same time as:

"I’m going vĩ đại the post office." "While you’re there can you get bu some stamps?"

while conjunction (ALTHOUGH)

while conjunction (BUT)

(Định nghĩa của while kể từ Từ điển Học thuật Cambridge © Cambridge University Press)

Các ví dụ của while


This indicator aimed vĩ đại validate teachers' approach vĩ đại lesson planning while attempting vĩ đại links teacher thinking and administrator thinking through a shared discourse.

While there are no particular names by category, crickets are divided into two groups: large, ordinary crickets and non-ordinary.

In line with previous findings, the former group progressed faster in learning vĩ đại read the visual list while the latter learned the phonetic list faster.

While purely indefinite examples are hard vĩ đại come by, verbal gerunds tự participate in the ambiguity patterns also found for bare nominal gerunds.

These proscriptions, while useful in economics, may obfuscate important psychological phenomena.

Both maps illustrate in great detail the most modern, developed areas and iconic buildings, while the less densely inhabited areas were reduced in size.

While national leaders reluctantly accepted state reform, they steadfastly refused vĩ đại consider any modification of their own highly centralised political buổi tiệc ngọt structures.

While the character was absent, another character removed the object from the location, and replaced it with a different object.

Some participants reported that the threat was current and ongoing, while others did not think it would happen for over 6 months.

Twentythree second elections resulted in a lower effective number of parties, while only seven second elections resulted in a higher effective number of parties.

The former tries vĩ đại delay some computations while the second drives different computations through a tree of branching paths.

Profit maximization ranked very low in the early and mid group, while it was mentioned more frequently among the late entrants.

Cycles were considered as fixed effects while year was a random effect.

The environments were considered as random variables while the genotypes were treated as fixed variables.

For example, one might grow by trăng tròn per cent, while the other remains constant.

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Bản dịch của while

vô giờ Trung Quốc (Phồn thể)

在…期間, 在…的時候, 與…同時…

vô giờ Trung Quốc (Giản thể)

在…期间, 在…的时候, 与…同时…

Xem thêm: xuyên nhanh công lược định chế boss vai ác có một không hai

vô giờ Tây Ban Nha

mientras, mientras que, aunque…

vô giờ Bồ Đào Nha

enquanto, embora, tempo [masculine]…

vô giờ Việt

trong lúc, tuy vậy, một lúc…

trong những ngôn từ khác

vô giờ Nhật

vô giờ Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

vô giờ Pháp

vô giờ Catalan

in Dutch

vô giờ Ả Rập

vô giờ Séc

vô giờ Đan Mạch

vô giờ Indonesia

vô giờ Thái

vô giờ Ba Lan

vô giờ Malay

vô giờ Đức

vô giờ Na Uy

vô giờ Hàn Quốc

in Ukrainian

vô giờ Ý

vô giờ Nga

~している間, ~しながら, ~(する)一方で、…

iken, esnasında, sırasında…

pendant que, alors que, tandis que…

mens, selvom, stykke tid…

ketika, meskipun, (jangka waktu) lama…

ขณะที่, ถึงแม้ว่า, ชั่วขณะหนึ่ง…

sementara, walaupun, tempoh masa yang tidak pasti…

während, wenn auch, die Weile…

mens, selv om, stund [masculine]…

в той час як, незважаючи на те, що…

Xem thêm: đoá hồng kiêu ngạo

в то время как, пока, когда…

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