we must lock the doors


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The 8 English Parts of Speech
These are the words that you use vĩ đại make a sentence. There are only 8 types of word - and the most important is the Verb!

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Verbs be, have, do, work
Nouns man, town, music
Adjectives a, the, 69, big
Adverbs loudly, well, often
Pronouns you, ours, some
Prepositions at, in, on, from
Conjunctions and, but, though
Interjections ah, dear, er, um

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1   He's still sleeping,        
2 You bởi go vĩ đại school,
3 Let's go for a walk,
4 We won't be late,
5 Nobody called,
6 They will wash the siêu xe,
7 We must lock the doors,
8 I'm correct,
9 So you bought a siêu xe, Congratulations!
10 You wouldn't want vĩ đại invite my Dad,